The Wakefield Museum Board wants to thank all those that made our Christmas Bazar a success. Almost two hundred attended. It was held at the Farm Museum for the first time. The reason it was held there was because there were so much yard sale items left over from our city yard sale in Sept. and people donated a lot more items. The furniture and the small items made over a thousand dollars.

People that brought in baked goods we want to thank you. Pat yourself on the back for it made the museum another thousand dollars. Coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls were served in the morning and at lunch; soups and homemade pie were served. It also made the Museum a thousand dollars. The gift shop did well too. People seem to love the home made items. Door prizes were given out throughout the day not only for the adults but for the children too. 

Adult winners were: Nick Woodcock, Cherry Ann Rosenberry, Cam Thurlow, Brittany Terrell, Max Martin, Karla McInroy, and Paula Sanlling. 

The children winners were: Wallace Stewart, Maria Stewart, Lilli Whitney, Lucas Whitney, Ellie Jane Carlson, Sophia and Paxton which we do not have last names for. 

I know everybody wants to know who won the raffle ticket drawing. Paula Sanches of Wakefield won the painted saw; donated by Christy Hayes, and Wayne Ray of Clay Center won the quilt that was pieced together by Marilyn Myers and quilted by Connie Taylor.

There were others behind the scene that made this a success. Jack Hayes must have a back ache from carrying in all those boxes and sitting up tables. William Flickenger, who donated his time to get the heat going. Mick Zurmerly who made sure all the electrical hookups were safe. Also thanks to the other workers who donated their time at the designated areas. 

It’s Christmas time again. I can only imagine what it was like a hundred years ago.

My Grandma who has been gone for many years told me it was more about celebrating the birth of Jesus than it was about presents. Grandma said she looked forward to going to that little country church on Christmas Eve. The men folks had put up a big tree that took up one whole corner of the church and it made the church smell heavenly. Only candles lit the room. The children dressed in costumes acted out the story of Christmas. She said, “There were no fake Christmas trees. Fake trees weren’t invented then. Children usually got one gift. It was a joy when families got together. It was a time for making memories.”

Mick and I have made all kinds of memories with our family. Here is one I think you might enjoy. The year was 1977. As a family we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. At that time our two girls were eleven and thirteen, and a son two.

Mick’s folks and Auntie Irma joined us. We all went to the five o’clock Mass, came home, ate potato soup and opened up our gifts. In the past we had a lot of fun playing Santa Clause with the girls. By then they were too old for that. Since our son Curt was two, it was time for playing Santa again. Santa always came while we were in church; so it was always a tradition to put out cookies and milk on the front porch for Santa. The plan was to have Curt and the girls put the cookies and milk on the porch. Then Curt and the girls would ride with grandma and grandpa to church while Mick and I took our car. This was so Mick could eat the cookies and drink the milk and hurry off to church. Well.. you know how quiet a church is. When we got to church, Mick’s dad Don was holding little Curt, but Curt kept reaching out for his Dad. So Don handed Curt off to his Dad. At that time Mick had a mustache. And on that mustache little Curt noticed something. As Mick was holding him he kept leaning around trying to check that mustache out. The people behind us noticed Curt’s behavior. Out of patience Mick put Curt on his right side.

Again Curt leaned around. This time he blurted out. “Daddy, you ate Santa’s cookies and milk!” Mick didn’t know he had milk and cookie crumbs left on his mustache. Of course our family started laughing and the people behind us did the same. Almost everyone in the church turn around to see what was so funny. Mick had a hard time explaining that one.


This may not make it to the paper in time, even so the Wakefield Museum Board hopes you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and will have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!