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The resignation of Clay County Sheriff's deputy Zach Bauer ill mean USD-379, Clay County Schools, will start the year with out a school resource officer.

School Resource Officer Allen Brumfield, who has not resigned, has been pulled from his duties as school resource officer and will cover the duties of the departing deputy until the Sheriff's Department hires another deputy.

"We were told (the Sheriff) said he was going be down an officer and until he hires another one, he was going to use the SRO officer," Superintendent Mike Folks said.

While the county is currently on a hiring freeze, Sheriff Chuck Dunn received permission from the County Commission to hire another deputy and to advertise the position.

Dunn said he needs Brumfield to fill Bauer's shift.

"The SRO is an extra officer," Dunn said, "but I have to fill all my shifts first."

Folks said the school distinct has not had time to prepare for the SRO's absence because he has only recently been made aware of the decision.

Dunn said at Monday's commission meeting that having an SRO is a benefit and the department needs to hire another deputy either to fill that position or to allow Brumfield to go back to that position.

The school district pays for the SRO's salary while he is serving in the capacity as SRO, typically nine months out of the year while school is in session. The county pays the rest.

"The position should be filled," Dunn said. "We basically have another officer for three-months pay."