Apollo Towers

Voting has begun for King and Queen of Apollo Towers, who will be in the Piotique Parade.

To vote for a candidate, place money in the canisters at your local banks and grocery store in Clay Center. The most collected will be the winner for King and Queen. Voting will take place until Sept. 21.

Winners will be announced at the coffee and lunch time at Apollo Towers on Sept. 22. Proceeds will go the Tenant Association.

KEITH ALQUIST - After many years I retired from farming. I lived on the farm. I have lived at Tolin Terrace for 10 months. I have three children. My goal is to see my grandchildren as often as I can.

TY HEDMAN - I have lived in Clay Center before moving to Apollo Towers. I have lived there three years. I have lots of social activities such as fishing, checkers, working out, barbecue and traveling. My mother's name is Fern and my father's name is Marty. I have three brothers. My goal is to becaome a certified occupational therapist assistant.

RONNIE MARIE ROBERTS - I lived on a farm north of Green before moving to Apollow Towers four years ago on Aug. 22. I have a daughter, Joyce, and two sons, Gregory and Jeffery.

My goal is to keep moving and be helpful to others. I also like try new recipes and love to cook.

RAYMOND ROBINSON - I lived in Clay Center before he moved to Parkview Plaza. I have lived in Parkview for eight years. My social activity is camping. I have 10 children and grandchildren. My goal is to keep fishing!

GLADYS SHIVERS - My husband and I lived on a farmed and farmed near Wakefield from 1950 to 1998. We moved to Wakefield and lived there for nine years. We have lived in Parkview Plaza for two and a half years.

I enjoy the music programs. I am a member of the Westside Kitchen Band. I am involved with the exercise club for the complex.

We have five children, they all live in Clay County and we have several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I try to read from a worthwhile book each day. I try to keep myself in good health and enjoy each day.

KERRY WOELLHOF - I have lived in Riley, Kansas, and Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I moved to Tolin Terrace December 2008. For pastime I like to play games and cards. I have a father and a step-mother. My goal is to maintain my health and try to be happy and enjoy life as best I can.