In 2009: New Lincoln School shed big enough for all of preschoolers' toys

Lincoln School pre-schoolers have so many toys that staff were breaking them when getting them in and out of the storage shed.

When Bruce Bauer heard from his wife Faun, a para-educator at the school, that toys were breaking because the school didn't have the space to properly store them, he decided to do something about it. Not only did he help fix the broken toys, he also paid for the materials to replace the storage shed with a bigger one.

"My wife works here and she commented on how small (the storage shed) was and how they ended up with a lot of broken toys cramming them in and taking them out," Bauer said. "I said we'll see what we can do about that."

Volunteers Mike Smith, Chad Hammond, Knuth Fengel, and Roger Peters took about a day and a half to replace the 5 by 8 feet shed with a 10 by 12 feet shed.

The shed stores about a dozen kids' bikes, twice that many in toy trucks, sand toys including shovels and rakes, a bunch of balls, hula hoops and an assortment other such outdoor toys enough for 69 kids in three pre-school classes to play with.

When staff had the toys piled outside as they replaced the shed, Bauer said he couldn't believe that there was space in the old shed for all of them.

"(The old shed) was stacked to the ceiling," Bauer said.

Staff and Steve Joonas, Twin Lake Educational Cooperative director, thanked the Bauers and those who volunteered for their contribution Tuesday afternoon.