Jane Gingles

     When my sister wrote her family memories, she told about the Wolff Sisters' love for each other and their needing to be together as much as thy could find a valid excuse. I have written about some of those gatherings in earlier columns.

Always at Holiday times, numerous Sunday potluck meals after Church, Birthday celebrations, Weddings of my Cousins who were years older than I, Births, and even being together at Funerals was a way of life for the Wolff Sisters. They expected to be together and they certainly showed their love for each other. I doubt that there was ever a disagreement or quarrel amongst them. Being together appeared to be the "nutrition of life" upon which they flourished.

As I wrote earlier, they loved singing and sang at Church, community events, family gatherings and sometimes just for a friend or neighbor. They sang mostly hymns but might include a ballad or an old-time country tune.

After we had moved into Haddam, it was not long until Aunt Metta and Uncle Martin left the farm and moved into Haddam, also. Aunt Ida and Uncle Tom Keith moved back to Wyoming where her children lived. Grandmother Alice Jane Wolff started staying three months with each of her daughters who remained in Kansas. It was special having Grandmother in our home as she was alert, intelligent and always had a poem or old saying to meet every event of life. She diligently followed the signs of the moon as well as the advice in the Old Farmer's Almanac and was free in giving advice to those who continued farming.

Grandmother was a Seventh Day Adventist as was Uncle Robert Harroun. Their religious belief observed Saturday as their Sabbath starting Friday evening until Saturday evening. Every Saturday morning was Bible Study wherever Grandmother was staying. Other sister families who had the time would come for Bible study.

This was the beginning of my reading and learning Bible versus and stories. How sad that my memory has not retained all that I learned as a child. I do have one Bible in my collection of Bibles that I received for memorizing the most Bible verses in our Church Youth Group. Next year I will write about my years of Sunday School attendance without missing a Sunday and how Dad had to be sure I was close to a church on Sunday morning when we traveled.

The caring in this family of sisters extended to the spouses and the year my parents were married 40 years "The War" had eliminated buying any type of metal utility cabinets. Mom wanted one and noticed one listed on the sale bill of an auction to be held on a Friday evening in Belleville. She knew it was not possible to consider asking Uncle Robert to break his Sabbath, go to that auction and hopefully buy that cabinet for her. The "Sisters" also knew how much Mom wanted that cabinet and at the anniversary celebration, Aunt Eliza and Uncle Robert delivered the family present that he had gone to the auction and purchased on a Friday evening. Mom never forgot the sacrifice he made to do this act of love for them. 

This single one door 4-shelf metal cabinet now sits in my garage and stores my flower pot supplies and reminds me ever time I see it of the caring, the love, the real devotion to each other in this family of "Wolff Sisters".

I hope your "Windmill Memories" have a similar type of commitment in your family. God Bless the bond of family love.